From the very first moment I met with Girard-Perregaux – 16 years ago – I loved her chronographers. Of the most classic (1966, Vintage 1945) to the Laureato and the most complex combined with world time (, these chronographs stand out and stand out for the perfect match of replica watches dynamism and elegance. Their “athletic” temperament is always emblazoned in an elegant and imposing “wrap”, which makes them excellent for even a costume. And against the fashion and exaggerations that are sometimes used by other watchmakers, Girard-Perregaux invests in the timeless character, impeccable design and construction, as one would expect from one of Switzerland’s oldest traditional manufactures. The brand-new replica Girard-Perregaux Competizione collection once again strikes the perfect balance and comes at a historic moment for the brand, which celebrates this year its 225th anniversary.

The legacy of Luigi

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The special passion for the motor sport brand probably came from the late Luigi Macaluso, who died prematurely in 2010 at the age of 62. Girard-Perregaux’s very much-loved gypsy watchmaker was a talented racing driver, had taken part in a lot of rallies and carried this love and the clocks he was creating. I remember that since 1993 he has taken over the company and for several years – over a decade or more – Girard had co-operated with Ferrari and built very charming chronographs that featured the legendary horse-symbol of the Italian carmaker. The design of modern Competizione models expresses the same passion for speed.

The inspiration

The retro-futuristic style of the new collection of chronographs Sport Competizione is inspired by a legendary chronograph, the Club Italia of 1987, which was released at a time when the quartz watches were dominating. That watch signaled the great return of Girard-Perregaux when the market started again asking for high quality mechanical replica watches. The new collection consists of two automatic chronographs: Stradale with elegant, distinctive design, and Circuito with unconventional sporty looks.

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