Muscular, modern-classic and compliqué. This is Monsieur de replica Chanel, the first purely masculine high-fashion watchmaker of the famous house. I emphasize the word “pure” because a large percentage of the male population loves to wear some version of the J12 ceramics (usually in black), for example. chronograph, GMT or the exceptional chronograph J12 Superleggera (the white version I have presented here). Replica CHANEL Monsieur is not just a clock case. That’s why it was one of the big surprises this year and was discussed a lot in the World Basel Fair. It is obvious that Chanel has done its best and presented something really great in many respects.

I continually list his virtues to get an idea straight away: He has an automatic gear mechanism with jumping hours, retrograde minutes and three day power reserve! For his splendid aesthetics words are unnecessary. And where to look at the back view of the clock, from which the state-of-the-art mechanism is revealed! Chanel Monsieur is equipped with the all-new Calibre 1, designed by an 11-member team at Chanel’s La Chaux-de-Fonds G & F Châtelain. This is where the assembly takes place. This mechanism has some rare features that the initiates will certainly appreciate. First of all he has jumping hours – far, heure sautante, as is also stated on the dial. This means that the time is displayed not with the help of a marker such as conventional clocks but digitally in a cheap watches special large window at 6. At the time change, one digit succeeds the other with a typical jump, thus jumping hours. Indeed, in this case the time can be set forwards and backwards as opposed to most of the corresponding models of the market.

The second innovation is the retrograde index of minutes with a 240º arc before returning to its original position to resume its course. Just because this arc is large, resetting the pointer causes a strong shock to the mechanism. That’s why it took a special design to avoid damage.

What is worth pointing here is that both of these functions, of time and minute, are fully integrated into the basic mechanism – usually they are contained in an additional system. And if you fascinated the front of the clock, where do you see the back replica watches view. A transparent sapphire crystal reveals the “skeleton” mechanical mechanism with circular bridges referring to number 8 (a symbol of good fortune for the Chinese – not to forget that the Chinese market is very important). The fascinating three-dimensional architecture of Calibre 1 gives it a special depth and all its accessories are enhanced thanks to their silver and black colors and the changing of polished and satin texture. Especially the black color is achieved with an amorphous diamond-like carbon coating (ADLC). The balancing rays (bottom left) form a star, a symbol of replica Chanel.

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