Replica IWC Big Pilot’s Annual Calendar “Le Petit Prince” is great on the face. Its case has a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 15.5 mm. Sculpted in red 18K gold is in sharp contrast to the cool blue dial and the dark brown handmade strap of the Italian house Santoni. The clock is extremely user-friendly as it gathers the three dials in three consecutive windows at the top of the dial. Their layout is not at all accidental. It is incompatible with the US system of date, that is, the first month, the date and the last day – we must not forget that the founder of the F.A. Jones was an American. Two symmetrical auxiliary dials accommodate the small seconds (at 9) and the power reserve (at 3). The “aviation” temperament of the model is recalled by the large indexes, the easy-to-read Arabic numbers as well as the characteristic triangle with the two dots in the 12-lumens full-blown with SuperLuminova white coat.

Perfection continues in both the interior and the state-of-the-art clock mechanism. Thanks to the two barrels of the all-in-house auto calibrator 52850 at Schaffhausen, the new replica IWC Big Pilot’s Annual Calendar “Le Petit Prince” boasts a power reserve of seven full days. The mechanism is visible from the transparent back of the replica watches, which seals with sapphire crystal.

What makes the replica watch special is the golden rotor that has the shape of the famous blooming asteroid and depicts the little prince standing on it. Based on Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s own design, the rotor is an important part of the sophisticated design and impresses with its satin and glossy finish.

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