It is Uehara of store staff.

With the hot weather getting more and more, I miss the pool and the sea has become a season.

There are still many people who have been very sun-dried.

Today is such a hot summer, but it is not that I will introduce the mysterious Daytona like a sunburn.

Replica ROLEX 16520 Daytona Brown Eye!

Rolex Daytona 16520 brown eyes

Two generations ago was Daytona, but an interesting chemical change took place and the dial was brownish.

This change is a so-called erroneous product that can only be seen in a few people in Daytona (S, W, T, U) made in 1993-1997.

Speaking of sunburn, it seems that this is not the case. In some cases, it can be neatly discolored without opening the box.

Replica Rolex is already prepared to pass some of the factory’s dials, but it seems to happen on the dial, which is the market value created in some factories by the evaluation of Andy Columbine’s founder, Berd’s evaluation soaring, this is a very rare existence, Hard to enter.

This item is the T product number, which is generally a deeper color change than W, but due to the state of uniform discoloration, it creates a truly beautiful and indescribable atmosphere.

In addition, there are not many things done in this beautiful brown, and considering that even for the more frustrated people, the value is rising, it can be said greek replica watch that this is what I really recommend.

As an accessory more than 20 years ago, it comes with a box and warranty card, a booklet and two labels, so we are sure that from now on, the rare value will be higher and higher.

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