When buying a replica watch, the fake watch glass does not brag about the views that belong to the brand design and reputation. Normally, it only starts to be resolved when it leaves unsightly marks on scratches, scratches and rough plastered walls (the reason for not bending is unknown) or the zipper form of the jacket. How about that? For acrylic slides, polishing will help, only replacement will save mineral slides. Is there any sapphire? You will never encounter such trouble. But is this really the case?

The first thing we need to illustrate with a sapphire slide is that it is not a real slide. Sapphire is used as a barrier between the outside world and the inside of the watch industry in the watch industry. It is a single crystal formed by melting and subsequently solidifying alumina and ordinary glass. The single crystal is mainly composed of silica sand, soda, and alkali metal oxides close to the surface. And limestone. Sapphire is also transparent and uniform. However, unlike glass, it is amorphous and extremely hard.

The second thing we think needs to be briefly introduced is the value of sapphire crystal. When talking about sapphire, a light blue gem appears in front of the sub-eye, and another jewel with a British crown. Just some really valuable needs. Sapphire has become one of the best replica watch brands at its highest level, and its chemical and physical properties have something in common with its natural form (a mineral in corundum). His mother is not a volcanic rock, but a laboratory. In the presence of hydrogen and oxygen, he “bake” at temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, don’t you think that by selling sapphire crystals, you can improve your watch financially?

It used to be said that the origin did not matter. For sapphire crystals perceived through the watchmaking optical system, this is a double fact. Only the forehead parameter of the 9th hardness of the Mohs scale is important. In terms of hardness, sapphire only surpasses diamonds, and even exceeds only one degree. Despite its extremely high hardness (actually because of this), sapphire is not completely indestructible. If you apply a strong impact force, it will break into small pieces and you can only cry with your eyes wide open. Sapphire is relatively brittle and cannot cope with the high pressures applied to it, such as when colliding with another hard material.

Introduction: The sapphire glass of the replica watches can successfully resist scratching, but hammering will mean their final ending. On the other hand, when pressure changes (such as when traveling by plane), you can safely ignore the legend of sapphire crystal bursts and treat them as a prank.

In addition to a longer service life, replica watches makers and consumers also like sapphire because of its special luster, which allows sapphire to be worn on watches. The light is reflected more strongly from the crystal surface, which makes the replica watch look more attractive. This is an advantage for some people, but it obviously hinders others. Due to the high reflectivity, some manufacturers apply so-called anti-reflective layers to sapphire slides, which helps to affect the readability of the dial. The weakness of these coatings is that they are extremely easy to wear, so if you want to get excellent visibility from the watch in all light conditions, please focus on the models with anti-reflection function inside the glass.

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