This is one of the quick response of Swiss replica watches companies to the upcoming smartwatch process, especially Apple’s smart clock. At that time, replica Breitling people told us that they hope to go public at the end of 2015. They keep their promises. At this year’s 2016 Basel International  I had the opportunity to touch and wear my wrist fake BREITLING Exospace B55 Connected, which is now discontinued.
In short…

…this is a pilot-certified timer in which various functions such as time, second time zone and alarms are performed via Bluetooth. At the same time, the Exospace B55 can download and store data such as smartphone chronograph readings (such as electronic speed indicators).

What does it offer?

The two-way chronograph and mobile phone connection make the two devices complementary and perfectly coordinated. This replica watch is still a reliable chronograph, and the fact that it is connected to the Internet only enhances its function. Since the basic function of the smartphone is its screen and user-friendly interface, an Exospace B55 owner can use various settings of his mobile phone: time, time zone, alarm, operating parameters and display, night mode. The results of it? Ease of use and high performance. In addition, the user can “download” the results of various measurements from timing to smart phone: flight, periodic recording, at a certain interval (split time), single-turn count (single lap time), etc., can be easily read, Store or promote them. Therefore, the new connected clock system invented by fake Breitling facilitates the use of the chronograph function. In addition to the Exospace B55, you receive notifications from your smartphone’s email inbox, information (SMS, WhatsApp) or phone (by name or caller’s number) and scheduled appointment reminders.

Pilot tool

This chronograph is sporty and futuristic and is known for its purely “technical” design. It features a sturdy, lightweight titanium coffin with embossed rotating edges and a unique TwinPro embroidered rubber strap. Inside is the exclusive replica Breitling Calibre B55, equipped with analog and digital displays, with various functions for stitching and stitching to the pilot. These include an electronic speedometer that records up to 50 spaced chronographs and a countdown/countdown countdown system that allows sequential reverse and non-counting operations. A “timed flight” system, apparently for professional sailors and amateur flight enthusiasts, measures “blocking time” (from the start of the plane before the plane taxis on the runway until its time “park” mission), after the flight time, when the memory Time and departure date, time of arrival and takeoff and landing time (module function and flight time).

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