After last year’s Clé de replica Cartier, who admittedly was very nice – especially from a technical point of view – but he did not “walk” as much as his creators wanted because he was treated as a female by the public, replica Cartier watches returns this year with a purely male collection . And the name of Drive de replica Cartier. The joints are obvious. It is a series inspired by vintage racing cars, a favorite of men. However, I would not say that the designers followed classic proven solutions to “make sure” commercial success. On the contrary, as Cartier has become accustomed to us, they have experimented with a new shape of a casket that moves between the square – or the octagon – and the circle, without being either one or the other. Essentially this is the cushion or coussin shape (pronounced “kousen” and means cushion). In my humble opinion, the result is exciting – to use an English expression: They nailed it! I think they have achieved their goal by suggesting a watch that combines masculinity, elegance, dynamism, prestige, traditional know-how, vintage aesthetics and a totally contemporary look.

I do not know whether it will be a major commercial success, like Ballon Bleu, but I think he will find his place and his own audience, because he deserves it. Drive, in whatever version you look at, at first glance, replica Cartier shouts. The smooth case with the wonderful curves embraces an impeccable aesthetic dial with characteristic large Latin numerals and indicators of blue steel.


Can replica Cartier argue that Drive’s design is inspired by the world of classic cars, but at first sight this is not so obvious. One could of course say that the coussin case closes nostalgically the eye in the 1940s, when this clock shape was virtually established, or that its beautiful, glossy curves can be paralleled with the 60s race gear chassis or its ’70. Things change at a second reading …

The elaborate guilloché décor on the dial is inspired by what’s seen from the car radiator grilles, the krona reminds the radiator cap or the engine bolt, the subcandle of their small seconds the gauges on the classic car dashboard. But all these details are just that: details discreet, almost imperceptible and, above all, extremely elegant. Unlike other clocks that draw inspiration from the car world, where replica watches are more opulent. Something that made me feel great when I wore the clock on my wrist at the Geneva Salon last January was that despite its relatively small diameter (40mm) it looks bigger, perhaps due to its thin profile and its delicate design.

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