The element of the name, which was given to it by the gods of Greek mythology and until recently, was used exclusively for military and space purposes, spreads its use in other fields as well.
To build a male or female watch until recently, steel was chosen more often. The use of titanium created a new era – the “metal time” of the metal. The titanium replica watches were not much. They were rarer than platinums. He is now closer to us than ever. So, it remains to ask. What is this element and what is its use in modern watches?
Titanium is a metallic element that comes from the earth’s crust. It looks like a bright metallic silver-gray or dark gray powder. Its compounds are found in almost all the igneous rocks and in the sand. Titanium has many features that make it valuable for industrial and commercial purposes. Its hardness and durability is 30% higher than that of steel. It is almost 50% lighter than steel. It is resistant to corrosion. When exposed to the atmosphere, it forms a strong oxide film that protects it from various metals that corrode the metal. It is particularly resistant to corrosion, even in salty sea water.

In scientific journals of texts of 1791 reference is made to titanium by British scientist William Gregor. Gregor discovered in the sand a “red-brown powder” he could not recognize. He wondered if this was a new metal as its properties did not coincide with the properties of the previously known elements. Four years later, Austrian chemist Martin Heinrich Klaprot confirmed that the British scientist had actually discovered a new element. On the other hand, the development of titanium alloys for industrial use is relatively new. Vilhelm Krol is recognized as the father of the titanium production process. In the 1930s, the production replica Hublot process developed and improved in the 1940s, which is still being used today. In the 1950s titanium due to its benefits meets the requirements and is used by the space industry to build spacecraft.
Titanium is not a rare species. It is the ninth in abundance element in the bark of the earth. There are stocks for at least 10,000 years. Titanium is also found in meteorites and lunar rocks, as there is in the sun and other stars. Extraction of titanium is a relatively slow and costly process, which significantly increases its price. That is why for many years it was mainly used for military and space programs.